Safety First Always… at Ravenswood and Arthur Kill

Safety remains our core focus at every level of the APM organization! This dedication to pre-planning and taking precautions is what sets us up for incident-free success, and our team exemplified this at the Ravenswood and Arthur Kill outage in New York.

During the busy season of October 2018, our teams were installing new LP Rotors and performing maintenance work at Ravenswood and Arthur Kill. The crew paid careful attention to safety on the job, taking all precautions to ensure that safety was the #1 focus. To recognize their efforts, the following praise was given by our customers:

“Thank you, and your site teams, for everything you are doing to make Safety our #1 priority at LS Power Ravenswood & NRG Arthur Kill in NYC”

Kudos to the whole crew at Ravenswood and Arthur Kill who made this outage outstanding!

Photo Credit: Conor Begley

Photo Credit: Conor Begley


The Maintenance Manager of the Arthur Kill Generating Station recently reached out to praise the work and performance of our team on this job:

"In our industry, it is always challenging to plan and execute large projects safely, on schedule, within budget limitations with a high level of quality assurance... I believe that as a team we hit a home run this past fall.

From John Bishop and senior management, to Matt Battle, Joe Trotto and Nick Skachkov’s coordination, and most importantly Jim Gradie and the site implementation team, we executed all the key factors for success.

Thanks to everyone from the GE team for the hard work and diligence required to achieve success...

Let’s not relax but continue to drive forward and make the next one even better."

Let us celebrate their dedication and success once again!