Delivering on Demand

At APM, we are known for delivering excellent results, especially when our customers have a critical need. Our APM North Team recently delivered for the Newark Energy Center in Newark, New Jersey. The outage contained two 7FA gas turbine hot gas paths and a GE D11 steam turbine minor inspection. APM Service Managers, Don Lacroix and Joe Giglio, preplanned the project thoroughly and supplied the requested resources to execute.

The site team delivered under the direction of Superintendents, Rick Sereno (Gas) and Matt Cleveland (Steam) on day shifts and Joe Wirasnik (Gas) and Mitch Yerdon (Steam) on night shifts. Both our gas and steam teams onsite delivered their scope excellently with no safety incidents, managed crane demand issues exceptionally, and completed the job on time.

Our customer groups remarked following outage completion:

“This outage went quite smoothly. I’m thankful to Don and Joe for getting us the people we requested – I think the supervisor mix was excellent! Crew did a good job overall.”

Congratulations to all involved in this key outage for a job done incredibly well!