Ringing Success at Zeeland

We take even the smallest of details seriously here at APM, and we are happy to bring you another outage success story. Back in October 2018, under the leadership of Kenneth Kennard, Jesse Carpenter, Brett Kennard, and Pat McGinnis, our diligent APM teams overcame challenges with parts, logistics, and vendors, and rose above with grace and expertise.

On the gas turbine, the factors that delayed the steamer also impacted the gas outage, and Brett and Pat were able to keep their crews focused, upbeat, and safe during the delays, which is quite the task when crews want to be back home or on the next job.

Leaders at the Zeeland Generating Station reached out with praise and expressed the following:

“…the team you put together at Zeeland has been outstanding and performing admirably… the team has come through every time minimizing the negative impact to the schedule. I and our Customer am extremely pleased with their concern for and attention to safety, FME, and Quality. I truly believe you have put together the A-Team for us and wanted to thank you for it”

“… thanks so much for the works thus far and please continue the attention to details”

Our leadership, planning, and coordination during the outage is exactly what helped to minimize negative impacts and make this outage run smoothly.

Thank you to all who made the Zeeland Generating Station outage a ringing success. We are very proud of the quality of work that our teams continually deliver on the job, and we continually committed to results, our employees, our customers, and above all, Safety.