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When you need your job completed on schedule with precision despite challenges and obstacles, APM delivers. Our APM Fossil North Team recently received recognition from our customer for executing a D11 Major at Calpine Westbrook. A customer representative, Arthur Hamilton, commented, “Please accept my most sincere appreciation for a job well done. We have worked a lot of hours, with our goals met of safety, quality and schedule. You have again exceeded my expectations, and I am proud to have supported such a professional team..."

Your Focus is our Priority

Our team will execute your outage efficiently with a dedicated focus on Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost and Productivity. Because those are the values that we believe in. Our skilled craft labor is available wherever and whenever, to meet whatever need you have. Our experienced jobsite leadership is trained to deliver excellent results, every time, all the time. Our management understands how to produce the best results with a can-do attitude. 

Complete Outage Services

We're your one source for all needs on the turbine deck.

Fossil Services - Maintenance and Installations: Gas / Steam Turbine Generators

Nuclear Services – Maintenance: Turbine Generators, Under Vessel and I & C Maintenance

Specialty Services - Maintenance: Turbine Blade Repair, Balance of Plant, Wind Turbines, Code Welding and Machinists

Safety Services - Site Safety, Online Training, Schedulers, Planners, Inventory Management, Finance Support and Project Control

Rigging Services - Millwrights, Riggers, Teamsters and Tooling to move industrial equipment, perform machinery maintenance and provide rigging equipment and transportation

Skilled Craft Labor Pool

We successfully execute 1 thousand jobs with 3 million manhours each year. We can fulfill any outage need. How? Our pool of resources includes over 40 thousand skilled craft professionals from various trades. That pool includes 15 thousand UBC Millwrights with specialized turbine training. We select the best, most highly trained craft professionals for our outage services.

Professional Management and Leadership

Our Superintendents are a loyal group, 200 strong. They have the training and knowledge to manage every outage and model our values. They are equipped with a 21st century toolbox – laptop, smartphone, multiple software solutions – to efficiently execute.

Our Keymen are a select group with superior skill sets and values. They drive our culture within our crews. They are portable. Combined with our Superintendents, they make a team dedicated to fulfillment. Our Technicians and Professionals are an elite group with specialized training. Few in the world can match their precision and expertise. They too are portable and can quickly address your urgent, unique needs.

Our Leadership team of Management professionals drives our core values - Safety, Quality, Delivery, Cost, and Productivity - to every part of our business. They do so with unyielding Integrity.

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