Lean Tool Center - Good to Great!

This week I asked Nick Brockman, our Specialty Services General Manager, and Lisset Lopez, our Business Improvement Leader, to highlight the recent upgrade and remodel of our Pasadena Tool Center using Lean principles. I found the improvement so inspiring – something we all could learn from and apply to our own work environments.

Nick and Lisset write:

Recently our Tool Center in Pasadena underwent a performance upgrade and remodel. Consistent with LEAN methodology, the focus was on the removal of waste to allow for continuous flow of tooling. Uninterrupted flow results in safer work conditions, increased quality, efficiency and competitiveness. This project was broken down into two phases. Phase 1 consisted of budgeting and planning the new floor plan, while Phase 2 focused on utilizing the 5S system, a system that focuses on putting everything where it belongs and keeping the workplace clean, to execute the plan. Please follow this link to learn more about the 5S system!

This renovation has produced a world class Tool Center that APM can be proud of along with our customers and employees. The new floor plan will increase productivity and improve inventory restock. It is neat, clean, and organized, providing an improved work environment that will boost employee morale.

We can use our new Tool Center as our model when driving our culture from good to great. Innovation and improvement is happening. We must accept that our world is innovating and improving constantly, and we need to be doing this along with it to stay competitive and become great.

A BIG thank you to Nick Brockman, Joe King, Teresa Guice, Michelle Bender, Dakota Neilssen, Leon Hickerson, Josh Glasscock, Jason Grady, and Harley Taville for all the hard work and long hours they put in to make this successful. It does not go unnoticed.

We will be having a Tool Center Tour, Wednesday June 27th from 3:30p – 5:00p. I encourage all Pasadena employees to visit the new Tool Center. I would like to encourage everyone else as well, if you find yourself in the Pasadena area, to stop by and look around yourself. Let our Tool Center inspire you to be innovative, speak up, share ideas, and move from good to great.

Thank you to the entire Pasadena Tool Center team. We are proud!

- APM President, Jake Locklear