Home Run at Yara Belle Plaine Station

There is no definite formula for success, unless you have a great team.  A good blend of leadership, communication, and access to good resources solidifies the team, but it all comes down to having a team who understands each other and works well together. Having the right mix of skills, talent, and trust among your team members is vital. 

APM Specialty Services was honored when Technical Advisor, Jerald Syphrett, was specifically requested by Baker Hughes (BHGE) while completing a major inspection on two Fitchburg Steam Turbines at Yara Belle Plaine Station in Yara, Trinidad & Tobago.  Jerald, along with two Weld Technicians, Chris Burge and Dale Rodgers, worked together to complete extensive repairs.  Chris and Dale took on the enormous task of the various weld repairs from diaphragm repair to case repair, as well as miscellaneous repairs per the Site Customer’s request.  The onsite Service Manager was very appreciative that the welders did more than expected, and that Jerald’s knowledge of the ST and his overall site management skills were impeccable.  Jerald’s situational awareness proved extremely valuable by the way he handled a major safety violation upon arrival at the job site.  He was performing his morning walkdown when he noticed a steam leak in the compressor. Upon investigation he found that sometime overnight, LOTO had been violated. He immediately issued stop work procedures and notified site management and safety. The job site was shut down until LOTO could be reestablished and guaranteed. The site management along with BHGE personnel applauded his clear thinking and swift action.  The BHGE Trinidad Branch Manager and CPM praised the team for the excellent and professional job performed in Yara.  He stated that the customer was very happy and there would be other possibilities in the future to have them back on board.

Congratulations to all involved for a job well done.  The sweet success of a home run is shared by the team who performs in harmony!