Exceeding Safety Standards at Walnut Creek

Above all else, our company prioritizes safety. We strive to honor our commitment to employee safety.  A team from APM Specialty Services went a step further and not only upheld our safety standards, they exceeded the standards.  The crew supported a job including two LMS-100 Booster rebuilds in Walnut Creek, California. Along with their success in supporting the job, the Customer commended the crew’s diligent attention to safety protocol. This attention included the planning of each phase of the job in advance and avoiding all shortcuts that could jeopardize safety. The crew maintained an exceptionally safe work environment, despite unforeseen challenges that arose after the work commenced.  Moreover, the Customer thanked the crew for identifying areas where safety could be improved, and went the extra step by offering potential solutions.

Chris Barlow and Greg Weever were leads on this project.   We would like to thank everyone involved in this successful job.  We appreciate you going beyond the service, treating the customer as a partner, and embracing our safety culture.