Teaching and Learning Excellence


Education and understanding are two key elements to success in any job. That being said, some things can only be learned effectively in a hands-on setting. To satisfy the need for experience-based learning, our Company’s skilled employees take every opportunity to teach new team members how to effectively and efficiently complete tasks. Recently, a team from APM Fossil North did just that by simultaneously completing a job, and taught a group of new engineers how to disassemble and reassemble a 7FA GT. Tom Bernier, Jeff Roberts, and Denver Fletcher traveled to Greenville, South Carolina and led a week-long training class, passing on their knowledge and experience.  Our team also taught the engineers how to properly use and complete STA cards; our established procedure that assures attention to detail, quality, and safety. They taught the new students so well that the group completed the cards with great care and attention to details, such as inspecting tools, checking the scaffolding tags, using a new pair of gloves handling the shrouds and nozzles due to the coating, and identified the quality item as double-checking seal engagement on shrouds.  These two processes are common in the field, making the hands-on knowledge the group gained invaluable. The group really excelled because of the skill and instructions our team taught them.  This is a great example that clearly solidifies that if you speak to your teams and communicate your expectations, that they will deliver.  Using this teaching method is a great reminder for us to continuously improve our focus, our safety, and our quality.

We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Tom, Jeff, and Denver for doing their part in passing on crucial skills and experience, and congratulate them and the new team of engineers on a job very well done.