2018 January Training

Our Pasadena Training and Development Center recently hosted the New Superintendent and Keyman Training. This comprehensive training allows our field employees to advance their education and continue completing jobs with the quality, excellence, and integrity that our customers expect. From January 10th to January 24th, our corporate leaders and special guests facilitated educational sessions for 73 new Superintendents, and 166 Keymen.

The training curriculum was very robust and many people were instrumental in providing the logistics for attendees, and leading the training. We are very pleased to have such a large class coming through the Center and learning our culture, beliefs, procedures and processes. Our leaders and staff provided the training, along with National Seminars and Mike Gretchen, GE Senior EHS Leader. The attendees received training on Commitment Based Safety (CBS), our EHS focus and commitment, dealing with different personality types, being an effective leader to create a cooperative environment, prioritizing skills, conflict management, and interpersonal skills. They also were given LOTO overviews, IT/Innovations training such as computer, phone, iPad, and printer setup, AirTime, Support Central, TimeTracking, injury reports, quality programs and trends, and resolving computer issues in the field. Students were taken through our company brand history, company’s safety and quality incentive program – Sportex, and U.S. and Canadian HR practices. The later days of the training included sessions on safety procedures and regional expectations. Finally, the attendees received training and refresher courses on best practices for various specialties, including payroll, new hire processes, field procedures, outage standards, and playbooks & productivity.

A special thank you to all facilitators and coordinators that made this grand training possible. We would like to congratulate all attendees for completing the training, and extend our appreciation for their patience during the abnormally cold and challenging South Texas weather. This was an incredible commencement to 2018 and we are proud of our company and our employee’s passion and career choices It’s exciting to see our company continuing to thrive.