Four Star Service at New Haven

Our Company continually strives to deliver the best customer experience possible. Accomplishing this goal requires that we always conduct ourselves with the utmost professionalism and integrity, even when a job’s scope takes an unexpected turn.  An APM Fossil North Team delivered that and more when they traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to inspect T1 and T2 bearings due to high vibration amplitudes for Public Service Electric & Gas. This was an emergent call out and the crew arrived the same day tooling arrived. There was a rush to get set up and basically begin disassembly in parallel with mobilizing. The scope grew to the point that the entire HP/IP was disassembled, the Rotor was shipped off site along with disassembling the LP Turbine, and performing repairs to rotating and stationary components on site. As the scope grew, there were constant changes to schedules and manpower loading (at times right at the end of a shift). The crew remained calm and stayed diligent and steadfast to complete each new phase of the project.  This extended the projected time for the job from four days, to over a month. The Customer commended the crew for its outstanding professionalism and they worked together to manage safety, productivity, and kept the deck neat and organized. This was all accomplished with no quality misses despite a fluid work scope.  It was reported that the end customer was very happy with the support received and the results that were delivered.  This performance takes a team to accomplish and it is what we strive for in our culture, and our business.

Chris Bacon and Dave Sturgis were leads for this project and led the crew to perfection!  The APM Keymen and members of CTMW 1121 were part of the essential team success and we would like to thank everyone involved in the process of completing this job. Efforts and the professional attitude of this crew remind us just how much being both flexible and committed to excellence in the field means to our customers.