ZERO Loss Means HUGE Win for APM Fossil South

Outstanding customer service is our Company’s standard, and our crews continually amaze us when they consistently exceed these expectations and set the bar even higher.  Recently, two teams from our Company delivered our signature customer experiences while breaking new ground with outstanding results.

Last Fall, a crew from APM Fossil South traveled to Bucks, Alabama to resolve a valve outage for Alabama Power. The team, consisting of one Superintendent and six Millwrights in each of the two shifts, swiftly and successfully completed the task. Beyond providing the Customer with a superb experience, the crew completed the job with a $0 tool loss.  This is a major accomplishment.  Tools can be very costly, and the Company is charged for each tool that is not returned to the Tool Center. This is the first $0 tool loss reported for APM Fossil South.  Truly an accomplishment the whole team can celebrate!  Thanks to Superintendents Michael Crooks (Days), and Bill Crooks (Nights), for leading the crew to this success!

And just when you think it can’t get any better, in October of 2017, an APM Fossil South team repeated the feat when they traveled to Juliette, GA to complete an Alstom retrofit job for Georgia Power. This job was even more challenging because of the large tool kit required to complete the task at hand. A $0 tool loss for a project using a large tool kit is very rare.  Thanks to Michael Crooks and Joey Phifer for leading their crews to this success.

We would like to extend a hearty congratulation to all Superintendents and crews involved in these efforts. Successes like these are by no means easy to come by and truly takes the entire team working toward the success. To have done it twice during the same outage season is a truly outstanding feat.