Excellence Across the Board

APM Fossil North performed to the maximum at the Tiverton Power Plant in Tiverton, Rhode Island. APM Superintendent, Dave McHugh, showed exceptional and unparalleled leadership and safety focus throughout the outage.  It was apparent that there was a great amount of pride in the work performed by Dave and the entire crew, including the delivery of safety and quality excellence. Dave lead a dedication to Commitment Based Safety and incorporated it in a way that the whole crew had fun participating. The daily conversations about commitments drove a strong sense of comradery throughout the jobsite.  Dave stepped up to the jobsites challenges and conquered each using his great mechanical skills and years of experience. He had a good understanding of the crews abilities and assigned each team member accordingly to produce a successful outcome.

APM + APCom President/CEO, Jake Locklear, extended his congratulations to Dave and the team. Jake expressed his appreciation of the team’s dedication to Commitment Based Safety (CBS) and for an overall great job:

“Dave, I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your efforts at our recent Tiverton outage. We received great feedback from the GE leadership that you and the teams’ performance was “excellent” across the board. Among the many positive comments, I heard that your safety culture is “unparalleled”, your expectation for pride in performance is passed down to the crew, and your engagement in CBS and safety commitments made practicing our safety culture fun and enjoyable.

Great job Dave! Thank you”

There were various work scopes on the gas and steam turbines. McHugh and his day shift team consisted of four Millwrights and one Operating Engineer and worked on the steam turbine performing valve inspections and general motor inspections. The gas turbine team consisted of a day and night shift working on a 7FA major including a rotor and casing change. The day shift was lead by Superintendent James Donovan and the night shift was lead by Superintendent John Nicewicz.  The day shift consisted of thirteen Millwrights, one Operating Engineer and one Pipefitter.  The night shift included eleven Millwrights, one Operating Engineer and one Pipefitter. Great job by everyone involved in this outage! Let’s continue this dedication and commitment to safety in 2017!