Freezing Cold Weather, Scorching Hot Safety

APM Canada recently achieved a major accomplishment at the Syncrude Power Plant near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The team attained the incredible when they completed one hundred shifts, incident free. APM Superintendent, Derrick Steele, took care of morning shift, while Tim Fisher handled the night shift; each crew consisting of about 10 millwrights. EHS Site Specialist, John Molyneux, also showed exceptional dedication, time and effort to this site. This top-notch team was performing a Frame 5 gas turbine major inspection with large extra work scope and a generator full rewind. The crew withstood subzero weather, but was still able to perform at the highest level of efficiency. This outage faced many obstacles including shop repair delays. The job site was in a remote location in northern Alberta where temperatures got down to nearly -20° Fahrenheit. This combination made travel to and from the site especially difficult.  Through this all, they remained focused on safety and quality. The result of this focus was a successfully completed job and performance. Great job team and congratulations on this incredible accomplishment!