Training for the Future of APM + APCom

The vision of our APM + APCom Training & Development Center (TDC) is coming to fruition.  From its inception, the goal of TDC was to demonstrate our company’s commitment to empower employees with advanced education.  This ensures that we provide the highest fulfillment excellence in the industry.  By providing in-depth training we ensure that our customers are getting the most effective and efficient results from our services.

During January, we began the New Year and month by hosting the GE Customer Service Leaders and Directors for the Local Area Team (LAT) Meeting for the Boiler Division.  The Boiler Planning event consisted of lively discussions surrounding Commitment Based Safety (CBS) implementation and growth opportunities and targets, as well as a fully day of Spring outage construction planning.  The following week, APM and APCom’s talent graduated to the next level of skilled education and training, safety awareness and plan implementation.  Our leaders and special guests presented informative and important material to our illustrious visitors.

A class of seven (7) core superintendents that make up our Superintendents’ Council met for one week.  They discussed Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Metrics, conferred and participated in a mentor program and addressed the new Superintendents and Keymen.

Fifty (50) new Superintendents went through a three (3) week program and learned about our Commitment Based Safety program and many EHS, Quality, HR and administrative processes.

230 Keymen assembled for one week and learned more about the history of our company and productivity processes, the importance and function of EHS and Quality in our business, discussed some of the issues they encounter or could encounter on jobsites and were given ideas and suggestions on how to take their careers to the next level.

We also had eighteen (18) of our leaders meeting in person and virtually, conducting their quarterly leadership meeting, discussing our 2017 business plan and reported out on their functional blueprints and where 2017 will be taking our company as a whole.

A large piece of this entire month was centered around listening to our employees and sharing best practices.  We continually embrace the value to learn from and improve all of our processes, and hone our skills of simplification and productivity to work more efficiently. 

The logistics for over 300 out-of-town employees and guests were handled by our TDC staff and we applaud their energies.  We are excited to have our students and our facility in this community, boosting the economy and giving back.  We flew in the students from all over the U.S. and Canada, provided transportation, lodging and meals for them.  Overseeing the catering alone for a group this large is somewhat challenging and on some days, there was an overabundance of food.  We were happy to share and donate the excess with residents of Sarah’s House, a non-profit survivor shelter in Pasadena that provides a safe place for homeless women and children. 

We continue to stay inspired and look to the future for opportunities to grow together.  APM + APCom has great employees and we are excited where our current and imminent employees are taking us.