Great Catches Lead to Great Safety

APM West recently executed a stupendous job at the Fort St. Vrain Generating Station located in Platteville, Colorado.  This job was a remarkable one since our Shareholder had not been at this site in eight years.

The customer was extremely impressed by the quality and leadership of our two APM Superintendents on site; Bill Stewart on days and Jimmy Clough on nights. Bill and Jim were specifically chosen to run this job due to their excellent safety record and customer care background, and for their leadership skills. They led two shifts of twelve Millwrights efficiently and in turn, the team left no stone unturned when it came to safety.

The team was dedicated to making sure all of the customers' requests were successfully and meticulously fulfilled. The team worked on a generator open, clean and close valve outage lasting 32 days.  And while they were committed to their safety goals, they finished the job ahead of schedule. The crew had multiple good catches throughout the outage which is successful in leading our entire company with best practices and constant improvement solutions.

There was a lot of pressure and eyes on this project to drive a great outcome and impact, and this job was a complete success by exceeding expectations. The team left the jobsite with zero incidents and with a very satisfied customer.

Great job APM West team! Your dedication to quality and safety is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.