Improving the Customer Experience

An APCom team successfully achieved the Mechanical Completion milestone for the Unit 7 HRSG Harp Replacement and BOP Pipe Replacement project at Dominion Power’s Chesterfield Power Station.  The Chesterfield station is located approximately 15 miles south of Richmond, Virginia and is the largest fossil-fueled power station in Virginia, generating more than 1,600 megawatts.  You can read more about the Chesterfield Power Station here.   

The APCom team brought the unit home safely and on-time. The team drove operational excellence for the customer and kept the crew engaged throughout the project.  Jake Locklear, APM + APCom President and CEO commended the team and commented, “A great example of our teams coming together for safe execution and improving the customer experience. The site leadership made the difference and deserves all the credit.  GE Construction Managers Jake Riggs and Geoff Dean, and the APCom team - Buddy Hanks, Tom Hall, Paul Madrigal, John Baierlien, Tom Mace, Mike Bush, Mark Crowe, Dean Crowe, Joe McDonough, Ken Mical, Justin McCallister and Brandon Dobson.  We are very proud of your performance.” 

We employed approximately 140 craftsmen across two shifts, six days per week, ten hours per shift.  There were a lot of people working together, focused on safety and quality to complete this 100K man hour project.   

The plant management witnessed and recognized the expertise of this great team and commented, “It was a very professionally executed event.  Great planning.  Great organization.  Superb Safety performance.  We’re quite pleased with Jake (Riggs) and the team he assembled to perform this work.” 

What a great success story.  We admire and applaud the efforts of the entire Chesterfield team in successfully completing this project.  Congratulations!