Joining Forces for Innovation

The APM Fossil North, West and South crews joined forces for a special project with the GE Gas Turbine Factory in Greenville, South Carolina. APM was tasked with the disassembly of a 7HA.01 gas turbine. This is the first time that any of the team had worked on or seen one of these new gas turbines. 

Nathan Brown, GE Systems Engineer commended, "I would like to send out a huge thank you to the APM team for their support during the 7HA.01 FETT teardown. In addition to APM's deliverables, this teardown has enabled the engineering & service teams to; inspect as-run hardware, assess design for serviceability, validate field procedures, and demonstrate HA specific outage tooling. The team delivered results while having to overcome multiple challenges along the way. The APM team remained prompt, professional and enthusiastic throughout the entire scope of the teardown. I wouldn’t hesitate to bring APM back for any additional emergent HA work. I hope to have the opportunity to work with APM in the Future.”

The crew consisted of Superintendents and Key Men from the three regions - Rich Hagar, Everett Cook, Don Englerth, James Gehring, Michael Hill, Brett Kennard, Dustin Adkins, Javier Estrada, Jack McKay, III, Justin Merry, Thomas Wearn and Justin Bentley. There was also managerial presence from each region including Don Lacroix, Matthew McCrary, Mike Benacquisto, Dave Carroll, Eric Distler and Jason Guthrie. This turbine is new and will soon be a very familiar sight in the U.S. This opportunity was a very valuable learning experience; not only for the crew but for APM as a whole. It’s always key to stay ahead of the competition and to have a full understanding of all the latest advancements in technology. With this project, APM takes another step into the future and innovation.