Star that Keeps Shining

APM Fossil West Superintendent, James Parrish, recently received outstanding respects from GE Power Customer Fulfillment Manager, Anthony Salcedo:

“I’d like to give you some feedback in regards to James Parrish. I have worked with James as a CPM and as a field engineer for the last 8 years and he has consistently performed at a very high level. This year James helped us with the Cannon Falls outage, Spindle Hill outage, and most importantly the two unplanned hot gas path inspections at Grays Harbor. Coming into the outage at Grays Harbor, the customer had little expectation from GE/APM. Within the first couple of days, the customer began to comment to me how impressed they were with James and his crew. They also commented that James is knowledgeable and approachable. At the end of the outage they praised James and made it a point to let us know that their perception of GE/APM has changed significantly for the better. During the Grays Harbor and Spindle Hill outages, the customer’s HQ EHS representatives travelled to site and performed two separate safety audits. Their EHS rep notified me and everyone else that he was thoroughly impressed with the organization of all of the EHS documentation, cleanliness of the job site, and with the safety meetings that James conducts every day.

As mentioned earlier I have worked with James for years now and in my opinion he is the best APM superintendent that I have ever worked with. He is highly knowledgeable from a technical standpoint. He is a great leader of his crew and it shows by the way that all of the guys respect him. He is always about 3 steps ahead in his planning and he is always conscientious about the financials of the job. This spring he did four different outages for us and he is a very big part of the success that we had in terms of cost, schedule and overall customer satisfaction.”

The Cannon Falls job was a smaller job that consisted of one Superintendent and 3 employees working 12 hour shifts. The Spindle Hill and Grays Harbor jobs each consisted of 1 Superintendent and 6 employees.  James has been working with APM since 1999 and he shared a few of his ideas as to why these jobs were so successful.  He mentioned that he organizes EHS documentation by following the GE 1 book at all times. “It is the Bible,” James said.  He ensures quality job site housekeeping by constantly monitoring the work area. He feels that he is blessed with a core group that is humble and well put together – they know what their jobs are and they are all professionals, which is one of James' expectations. His focus during safety meetings is of course safety, but an important part of safety is communication.  A proven best practice that he would like to share with other Superintendents is communication. “It’s all about communication levels. There’s something we do that most [crews] don’t.  We push communication all the time.” James mentioned that 2-way radios have been phenomenal on the job sites.  They make communicating easier and more efficient, ensuring communication at fingertips.

Congratulations on this recognition, James! Your work ethic is inspiring to all of us at APM. We feel great pride to have employees like James and his core group of professionals, on our team.