A Great Team Win in Alabama

An APM Fossil South team along with a great leadership lineup, have successfully completed a win in Alabama. The team consisted of Millwrights and Pipefitters working together and completed a project at the Gorgas Electric Generating Plant in Parrish, Alabama.  The work scope was warranty rework on the gland steam system. The customer was impressed with both crews, and was especially impressed with Erin Cross, Pipefitter Foreman, and the work of the pipefitter crew stating, “The pipefitter group has exceeded any expectations we may have had.  Their ability to understand a plan, adapt to field changes, and provide a quality finished product has been excellent.  I hope you will be able to keep him coming back to Gorgas for a long time.”

This job lasted only seven days with two shifts. The day shift Superintendent was Michael Crooks, while the nights were handled by David Baker, Jr.  This job was finished ahead of schedule and with a very high quality of work. This crew made teamwork, quality and safety their main priority and it resulted in a job that was smooth and efficient. APM would like to acknowledge the following employees for their contribution to this jobsite.

Michael Crooks – Superintendent days
William Crooks - Foreman
Erin Cross - Pipefitter Foreman
Chaz Correll - Millwright Journeyman
James Hunter - Millwright Journeyman
Robin Day - Millwright Journeyman
William Snodgrass - Pipefitter
Galen Sims - Operating Engineer

David Baker, Jr.  - Superintendent nights
David Baker, Sr. - Foreman
Dennis Neeley - Pipefitter Foreman nights
Bobby West - Millwright Journeyman
Randy Casey - Millwright Journeyman
Allan Dunson - Millwright Journeyman
LC Swain - Operating Engineer
Adam Johnston - Pipefitter

We thank each person who was a part of this team and made the job at Gorgas a success.  We all know that successful jobs are not accomplished by individuals. They are performed by a collection of individuals who make a great team.