Quick and Painless Success

The APM South team recently completed a project at the Southern Company Miller 1 in Quinton, Alabama. The crew received accolades from the customer when they discovered a steam leak on the LP crossover due to poor weld quality that was done by an offsite shop.  The team responded with urgency to locate and repair the leak and quickly return the unit back to service.

The work scope for this project was major inspections of the HP, IP, generator sections and the boiler feed pump turbine valves. The job was scheduled for 37 days but was finished in less than a month. The crew was led by dayshift Superintendent, Mike Crooks, and nightshift Superintendent, David Baker, Jr.  The dayshift Pipefitter Foreman was Erin Cross. The team consisted of 22 Millwrights, 9 Pipefitters, 3 Hoisting Engineers, 2 Laborers and 3 Ironworkers.  Even with the large base scope and extra work, the unit was repaired, assembled and ready for service ahead of schedule - all without any safety incidents.

Awesome job team! This goes to show that a job can be done quickly and thoroughly, with safety and quality always at the forefront.