Taking the Wheel in Woodbridge

The APM Fossil North executed an outage in Keasbey, New Jersey by taking pride and ownership of the job. Maudette Richards, a Senior Contract Performance Manager for GE Power & Water wanted to highlight the performance of two individuals, Field Engineer, Joel Chadbourne, and APM Superintendent, Dave McHugh. Maudette notes the pair took control of the jobsite when the situation was less than ideal.

“I would be remiss if I didn’t pause for a moment to say what an outstanding job Joel & Dave accomplished at Woodbridge Energy Center during the steam turbine #4 bearing removal/repair outage.  As you can imagine, this outage has received the highest visibility/interest from upper management due to the fact that it is a new 7F.05 with less than 4000 hours of operations.

Joel & Dave took the wheel and drove the Woodbridge outage to completion – engaging me when necessary, internal GE contacts (Engineering, Repairs, Tools), and our valued Customer along the way. The Customer expressed gratitude for their excellent work & dedication”

Congratulations to the team for their tremendous effort. This job took only two weeks to complete. Dave McHugh was the Day Shift Superintendent while John Stalling led the night shift. The team consisted of 1 Millwright Foreman, 1 Millwright Keyman and 4 Millwrights. Special thanks to Joel and Dave for driving this project to success, along with the entire crew for their valuable contributions.