APM Nuclear Stellar Performance

When every member on a team gives their all when working towards a common goal, the final product will come out flawless. This was the case when the APM Nuclear team completed their 23 day project at the Browns Ferry Power Plant in Athens, Alabama. The work scope included attention to the generator, feed pump turbine, and valves. The Superintendents on site were Juan Ramirez, Mike Kehl and Jason Calhoun.

Kevin Adair, GE Power Services Lead Field Engineer, distributed an email stating the safety and quality of the work performed by the APM crew was superb:

“Last evening (3/31/16) at 2200, BFN Unit 3 STG reached Full Load of 1,142 megawatts of generation with no known issues associated with our Scope of Work.

And today, upon completion of Post Outage Valve and Actuator Refurbishment and associated demobilization, all APM Craft were released from site.

I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere appreciation for yet another “Stellar Performance” by the U3R17 GE/APM Team. I must say this was the most cohesive team with the highest level of morale that I have yet observed. This Team not only upheld the Standards of Safety and Quality Excellence that TVA/BFN Leadership has come to expect, they actually raised the bar.

If I could handpick a team for our next outage, every person that was here for U3R17 would be on the list.

What else can I say but,

Well Done U3R17 GE/APM Team…… YOU MAKE US GREAT ! !”

Our union crafts’ consistency and dedication to quality and safety is a great point of pride for APM. Congratulations on this recognition team. Job well done! Continue to shine and put forth a culture of safety, quality and integrity.