APM Fossil North Zero Rework

When you need a crew that performs a quality outage, precisely done the first time, APM delivers. APM recently completed the Calpine - Westbrook outage in Westbrook, ME.  The job began on March 25, 2016 and the outage scope was a hot gas path on a 7FA GT and a generator minor.  APM Superintendents, John Nicewicz (day shift) and Mark Foster (night shift) led the crew that was able to tackle everything that came their way including a lot of extra work thrown in. The team was able to mitigate and complete all work SAFELY and ON TIME. The outage was completed on April 13, 2016.  The praises fed in from the GE staff:

“Mike (Bruederlein), Aaron (Nichols), Pete (Garibotto) and the entire APM team,

Excellent job during the Calpine Westbrook GT1 HGP and generator FTI! Thanks for a safe, high quality outage with zero rework for the scope we worked. The team stepped up and resolved a lot of emergent EW issues (generator bearing, bore plug O-rings/ H2 leakage, y strainer leak and GT2 liner cap). Great work!


Erik (Almlov)”

GE Senior Service Manager


“Echo that - Great Job Guys!

Chris (Suriano)”

GE Senior Service Director


“Fantastic work guys. Appreciate all the efforts and addressing all the emergent findings.

Thank you!

Mike (Ahearn)”

Managing Director - PS NAM North Region


Amazing work team! This is professional proof of what APM stands for on every job site. An APM crew can tackle anything that comes their way while maintaining safety and focus.