APM Specialty Services and EHS Partner for an Excellent Safety Audit

When you need a verified commitment to safety, APM delivers. The APM Specialty Services team including Garry Syphrett, Saundra Syphrett and Ronnie Campbell, along with our APM EHS team including LaKeisha May and Don McKee, took part in a third party Process Safety Management (PSM) audit required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119 Element H with Peggy Sellers, President of PS Safety & Risk Management, LLC., an authorized agent for conducting the third party audit through the Houston Business Roundtable. This was one of the final steps in becoming an Approved Contractor at the Exxon Mobil Baytown Area facilities. This also gives APM the status of a safety Pre-qualified Contractor with the Houston Business Roundtable and the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance, which will expand our gulf coast opportunities tremendously in both Texas & Louisiana with participating members such as DOW and Calpine.

The audit focused on safety and health programs and reviewed how our company currently applies the principles of those programs, as well as how they will apply them at the ExxonMobil facility. The auditor reviewed our written programs and documentation and conducted interviews with employees who use the programs to assess their functionality and value.

Upon completion of the audit, Ms. Sellers notified our team that we scored well above average on many categories, far exceeding the requirements, and therefore achieving a rating of “Excellent”.  This is a great example of teamwork between our Operations and EHS teams, pulling together to validate our pledge to safety and achieve an outstanding score in the PSM audit process.

Completing this audit and earning this rating gives APM the ability to grow our business portfolio and move closer into potential new markets and opportunities. Great work by everyone involved in the audit and by everyone involved in the development and execution of our safety and health programs!