APM North Fossil Team Delivers Top Notch Performance

Our APM Teams strive to deliver quality and professionalism on every project. One of our APM Fossil North teams was recently instrumental in delivering great job execution, which gained not only the customer’s recognition and commendation, but also praises from a 3rd party safety company. APM Superintendent, Barry Burroughs, led his crew to complete a very successful CT1 CI outage. Anya Kinsey with Duke Energy Edwardsport IGCC applauded Barry by submitting the following:

“Every morning at the pre-job brief before the shift started, Barry would start off the day reinforcing the importance of complying with and properly utilizing GE/APM safety system (ex: the Green Cards used on the job during task changes). Barry was also quick to adopt the LOTO Roll Call, which is my personal method for tracking LOTOs and is not a Duke requirement.

Every day after lunch, the safety representatives from the station and from contractors working at the station during the outage would walk through the process areas around the plant specifically looking for any safety items or areas for improvement. The feedback I received from several individuals who were part of these walks was that the crew working on CT1 was always very receptive to any suggestions made on even the smallest items, and that the work site was always very clean. There were never any excuses or bad attitudes. I was also informed that the APM crew members went above and beyond to make sure the work site was safe and to meet Duke’s expectations. When approached about easily addressed safety items that were not caused by them, the crew would still stop a moment and take the initiative to address these items.

Barry and his crew demonstrated personal accountability, active caring and a questioning attitude regarding LOTO throughout the job as well. If Barry or any of his crew was ever in doubt about a LOTO, what was isolated, that status of de-energized systems, etc. they would stop, ask and take the time to get a complete response.

This type of attention to safety is what makes outages smooth and successful. It also makes the job of the Duke liaison much easier and less stressful. I appreciate and recognize the value of the safety culture that GE and APM have instilled in their Field Engineers and work crews. I think this safety culture provides the necessary framework for the pride the Field Engineers and crews take in their work and the attention to productive quality they exhibit.”

Barry and his crew excelled with great performance and attention to details. We are fortunate to have such devoted employees working for APM.