APM Fossil North Team Proves Their Commitment to our Jobsite Priorities

When safety, quality and on-time execution matter to you, APM delivers. That’s because we value the same jobsite priorities that you do, and we prove it in our work. Our APM Fossil North team recently fulfilled a Forced Outage for PCS Nitrogen in Lima, OH. The crew was led by APM Superintendents, Roger Jones and Walter Darnell. Upon completion of the job, GE PGS North Region Service Manager, Matt McGuire recognized the team’s excellent execution, stating, “The PCS has on numerous occasions, thanked GE, including the APM team, for the great support during their forced outage, changing out the damaged mechanical drive unit rotor and replacing it with a recently repaired spare, and having the plant back up and operating in less than 1 week after the failure! The entire plant is extremely impressed with GE/APM and the level of support provided during the forced outage. GE Field Engineer, Guy Pyne, indicated that the APM team worked tirelessly, safely, with high quality and essentially without breaks at times, in extremely inclement weather on this outdoor unit (below 0 temperatures, snow, rain, etc.) to support the restart of the unit – and the customer really appreciated that support! Thanks again to the APM team!” Our APM VP of Operations, Mark Benacquisto, also extended his personal appreciation with, “Great job by the team. Appreciate the quick response and dedication by the team to make this forced outage successful.” Congratulations to these Superintendents and their entire crew on this success. We are proud to have team players like you representing our business.