APM Fossil South Performs a Best in Class Outage

APM delivers quality jobs with attention to safety and productivity. Our employees perform their work meticulously with focus on customer satisfaction. In October, 2014, APM had such a team at a new customer site, Green Country Energy in Oklahoma. The team performed a Best in Class Outage (BIC). The hours target for the 7FA Major (MI) inspection was set at 4,872 hours, and the team came in at 3,141 hours. The previous BIC outage was 3,300 hours. The team experienced zero quality incidents and zero EHS events. The team was assembled by the South Management team, led by Michael Hill as the Superintendent. The team encountered many of the same obstacles as seen on other projects, and each individual did their part to control hours and cost on the project. The site was mobilized and de-mobilized due to the rotor having to leave site for extra work that had to be performed in Houston. During a site visit with the team, Mark Benacquisto, APM VP of Operations, challenged the team to shoot for the BIC target. The team enthusiastically accepted the challenge and performed outstanding in all areas (Safety, Quality, and Productivity). Congratulations to Michael Hill and his crew for an outstanding job! We are proud you are on our team!