APM Specialty Services is Recognized for Their Dedication to Safety

When you need a crew that lends careful attention to safety in every aspect of their work, APM delivers. Safety is core to our company culture and a promise we make both to ourselves and our customers. Our APM Specialty Services team recently supported a PCL-802 compressor repair and installation for Spectra Energy in Delmont, PA and was recognized by the GE PGS Field Engineer, Tony Ball, for always taking the correct steps safely and filling out Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) daily to ensure no accidents occurred on the jobsite. Tony continued in his appreciation of the crew, stating, “These gentlemen provided a safe working environment throughout the entire job. The compressor was damaged in shipping and was disassembled and repaired with no reported injuries or near misses. This work ethic continued after the unit had to be again disassembled and reassembled several more times due to uncontrollable circumstances in the pipeline. The APM crew was led by Eric Rose and backed-up by Travis English throughout the entire time at site; both of these individuals are what I can say are top-shelf guys. I want to say thanks for working safe everyday while at site; some of the conditions at times were unbearable due to poor weather - rain, snow, below 0 degree temperatures throughout the job - but you kept going and got the job done safely. Great job!” Our General Manager of EHS, La Keisha May, personally thanks each member of this crew for their diligence on the job. Congratulations for being recognized by the other personnel onsite as safety leaders. We are proud to share this outstanding accomplishment with you.