APM Nuclear Superintendent Performs Lifesaving Actions on the Job

When you need safety as your first priority, APM delivers. Our APM Nuclear team recently fulfilled an outage at the Duane Arnold site for Florida Power & Light. During the job, our Superintendent, Terry Jennings, saved the life of another contractor employee, “Matt” by performing CPR and activating an AED to restart his heart. We are glad to share that “Matt” is recovering and will be back in the field soon. We express our sincerest gratitude to Terry, who completed his CPR training with gravity and a sense of duty and immediately engaged to perform lifesaving actions. “Matt” is still alive today because of the important safety training our guys complete. We drive annual safety training courses because we know that when it comes down to the wire, being prepared for a tragic event can save lives. To validate our dedication to such training, APM will be opening our 80,000 sq. ft. Training & Development Center in Pasadena, TX in 2015 to train our employees for real life events. We will expose our craft to mock outages, giving them real life scenarios, issues and challenges faced in the field. Training is our strategy for taking our craft to the next level of execution excellence, and safety is our top priority leading our core curriculums.