APM Fossil West Proves Their Safety Commitment during Customer Visits

When you need safety to be the top priority on your jobsite, APM delivers. Our APM Fossil team from the West Region recently fulfilled a job for Chevron at Kern River Cogeneration Company (KRCC) led by our Superintendent, Jeff Richardson. During the outage, Larry Ihfe, a Chevron Operations Manager visited the site and had this to say, “As part of my visit, I took a tour of the unit to observe the progress of the work and to gauge the safety of the work. While observing the gas turbine work, I introduced myself to Jeff Richardson and asked if I could see the procedure for the work to show my boss the approach utilized. Jeff took the time to walk us through the procedure and the process that is followed related to the work, and he patiently addressed our numerous questions and inquiries. Jeff was firmly focused on the success of the job, and for him, success was centered on safety. He offered us some pointers from our questions, comparing what it was like to work at KRCC vs El Segundo. He talked about how he manages his crew to help with eliminating complacency and how he integrates new members into his crew. The site was extremely clean and organized, and the job was progressing safely and without issue. I wanted to bring Jeff’s performance to your attention and see that he was commended for sharing his approach with us and for helping ensure that all of us are focused on safely returning home each day.” Our West Region Management team was especially proud of this recognition considering that Jeff is a fairly new member of the Superintendent team. Scott Ranaldi, West Region Director, celebrated Jeff’s efforts with these remarks, “Your many years of experience with APM and our commitment to safety and the training you have received in APM Supervision stood out to the customer, and we could not be more proud and thankful for your dedication and leadership.” This is an outstanding achievement and we congratulate Jeff and the entire crew that performed during this outage.