All In for APM

Today we bring you a story of collective focus, detailed coordination, and shared success.

In our industry, paperwork is how we ensure that the hands-on projects and jobs continue rolling, and once every three years, our Boiler division renews its ASME Code Stamps, [ASME A - assembly of boilers, U - unfired pressure vessels, PP – power piping, and S – steam boilers (allows us to build new code boilers)], and its National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors R Stamp. This process is a several-month-long, documentation-intensive undertaking.

The volunteer Quality Manager for our review process was Ron Mayor, our Boiler U.S. Service Manager. Under his direction, this process lasted 7 months start-to-finish and was ultimately a success. However, here at APM, the work we do is almost never a solitary effort. Emerging in support for Ron and the renewal process, was a team of leaders who stepped up when the need arose: Ed Deitman, our Boiler U.S. EHS Manager, volunteered to fill Ron’s Service Manager role during the renewal process while continuing to fulfill his EHS Manager role. Marty Cochran, APM Boiler U.S. Site Quality Lead; Mike Bush, APM Boiler U.S. Superintendent; Jesse Goldizen, Pipefitter Welder; Phil Gilston, GE Senior QC Engineer; Bob McGuire, GE Lead QC Engineer; and John Sikorski, GE Senior QC Engineer, all supported Ron in the renewal process.

To illustrate the thoroughness of the process, here is a brief summation of the review steps that APM Boiler U.S. underwent. First, the renewal process consisted mainly of an update to our QA Manual. The QA Manual is revised periodically to keep up with code and organizational changes. Phil Gilston, Bob McGuire, and John Sikorski, GE Subject Matter Experts in ASME & National Board Code Compliance, Welding Procedures, and Nondestructive Testing, were intimately involved with the QA Manual rewrite. 

Additionally, we set up a sample job to demonstrate our usage and adherence to our QA Manual. The sample job included engineered drawings and calculations developed to build a Mock Header; in accordance with the engineering, we ordered materials. A job package was then developed and reviewed by our Authorized Inspector (AI) from Harford Steam Boiler (HSB). Our AI sets hold points for our demonstration, and we build the Header until we reach the hold points. Marty Cochran, with his knowledge of ASME Code and our Quality Processes and Manual, reviewed all the drawings and welding procedures used in the re-certification. He performed the receiving inspections of materials and consumables as well as conducted the welding inspection of the Mock Header. Mike Bush facilitated the entire process by providing the Quality and Welding folks. Jesse Goldizen utilized his highly developed welding skills to create the Mock Header. 

The Review itself is a 2-day process. The Joint Review Team consists of the HSB Supervisor, the Authorized Inspector from HSB, and a person from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

On the first day the Review Team went through the Quality Manual and confirmed that we met all the ASME and National Board standards. The second day, the Joint Review Team met with us at the APM Leadership Development Center (LDC) where minor editorial changes were made to the Quality Manual. We then reviewed the Job Package, a 2-inch thick, 3 ring binder, for the sample job. The team inspected our Mock Header and witnessed the welding on the header. When the team was satisfied with the welding process, we reconvened in the LDC Board Room where the team reviewed completed job packages, our NTD processes, our Control of Subcontractors, and various Quality-related processes. Lastly, the Review Team convened to determine if we had met all requirements, after which, debriefing began, where they made the recommendation to renew.

And now we can celebrate our achievement, which was made possible by our dedicated APM employees, their shared sense of responsibility, and their collaboration as a team. APM always pulls together when called upon, which is the very spirit we strive to foster within our organization. It is our collective vision and teamwork that will continue to propel APM into a bright, successful future. Many congrats to this team!