Reflections ... Superintendent Conference

Over the past two weeks we had 300+ Superintendents, Technicians, and Management in our Leadership Development Center (LDC). I have many learnings and reflections from those two weeks, and I trust you do as well. I will share my thoughts over the next few weeks.

Most important, we walked out of the LDC aligned on the following:

  • We all, including our crews, expect every one, every day to go home safe, proud, improving, and respected.

  • Our spring performance did not meet our expectation – our APM standard of excellence – and was unacceptable. Thus we must change how we execute.

  • Our mission for the fall is to regain our standard by executing the Critical X Improvement Plan. See the attached for a brief summary of that plan.

  • Our expectation for every leader is to be proud of our One APM, be professional in our leadership, and be committed to the APM standard of excellence.

What we did these last two weeks cannot stay in Pasadena, Texas. We must take what we have learned to the field and share with our crews so that we all deliver a great outage season. We will measure the success of these two weeks on 01/01/2019 following a successful outage season.

Our future is bright as One APM when we return to our standard of excellence. More than that, remember that we are part of a team that has the great responsibility and opportunity to influence an infinite number of lives for the better.  8K = 100K = OO.

Thank you to all who contributed to and engaged in the Superintendent Conference. Your efforts have set us up for success this fall. Now let’s deliver, one day at a time. I have full confidence we will.

- APM President, Jake Locklear