Our Path to Excellence

APM Team,

All of you have heard from me about the Critical X Improvement Plan developed during our Q3 Leadership Team Meeting in response to our business metrics after the 2018 spring outage season. I shared an in-depth explanation of the case for excellence during our Superintendent Conference a few weeks ago. I want to share the replay of this discussion with the broad organization for anyone who did not get the opportunity to hear it in person.

In recap, our Critical X Improvement Plan focuses on the following actions:

  • Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) … We will focus on HOP education and tools that drive disciplined performance. These tools enable us to influence behavior – to fight inexperience or overconfidence – and deliver a superior culture and results on our job sites.

  • Field Procedure Compliance … We will ensure field procedure availability and utilization. We will take a strong stand for compliance in this expectation.

  • Open Reporting … We will re-educate on reporting expectations, with a focus on quality versus quantity, and use recognition to model the reporting behaviors we expect. We will also provide monthly feedback regarding reporting trends to apply learnings from cross-business peers.

  • Leadership Training … We provided leadership training in August as part of our Superintendent Conference. This training included practical tools to be used on the jobsite to engage and coach each and every craftsman in our culture.

  • Audits and Visits … We will have a stronger presence this outage season with leadership at jobsites. These jobsite audits and visits will also empower our leadership to engage and coach our jobsite leaders on what we expect to deliver excellence and the “Pinnacle” jobsite.

We have begun measuring these actions through a Critical X Scorecard developed by our Data Analytics Team. I firmly believe that we get what we measure. You will hear from Leadership throughout the fall season regarding trends against the plan and any actions that may be necessary to ensure success. I ask that you remain committed to our path to excellence.

- APM President, Jake Locklear