Operations Focus, the "Fleet" Strategy

Our power generation market is dynamic and ever changing. To win organizations must innovate and transform how they provide solutions in this market.

Over the past few weeks we have announced improvements in our organization:  the alignment of functions together under the Chief roles, the renewed focus of our Leadership Development Center, and the combining of our businesses under the One APM Brand. Today we announce another step in that direction: a revised Operations Focus or “Fleet” Strategy that restructures our lines of business around specific technologies.

Why are we doing this?

  • The dynamics of the power generation market – diverse fuel sources and strategies, yet requiring expertise in specific technologies.

  • Our performance – in some markets we are excellent, in other markets we are struggling.

  • We need a fresh look at how we are operationally structured. In the past two years we have added two boiler businesses and have grown our traditional turbine volume.

How did we come to this decision? We looked at the following categories to determine our strategy:

  • Technology

  • Service Models

  • Relationships

  • Volume Balance

What is the revised Operations structure? We will restructure our lines of business with specific “Fleet” focus:

Gas: Sole focus on rebuilding excellence in gas turbine fleet, using nimble teams that are the future of the services model, building our position as the preferred craft solution
Steam: Continued focus on process and culture rigor, being the excellence experts for the entire business fleet, and growing our position as the sole source for steam turbines, whether from coal fire or nuclear fission
Boiler: Renewed focus on improving our fulfillment excellence, driving lean on outages to be more competitive and increase our volume, and building our total plant capabilities
Specialty: Expanded focus on our technician models, growing our relationships with other GE and external customers, and being a test ground for new creative service models

What are the next steps? Through the remainder of 2018, Dan Reinhardt and our Operations leaders will build out the details of this Fleet focus and strategy. The team will be looking at such things as:

Operations Roles: Combining the Service and Resource Manager roles to align with the Fleet strategy and empower complete ownership of fulfillment excellence via placing the right team on the right job for the customer
Unified Resource Management: Developing a unified strategy for resource management that drives accountability within Operations for standardization of Superintendent, Keymen, and Team roles and performance
Collaboration with Functions: Driving stronger collaboration with our Services (COE, EHS, QUAL), Finance, and Compliance teams, recognizing the professional value that each group brings to the Operations team, syncing those teams to the new Operations structure, and holding accountability to business processes such as budget development and succession planning

For now, starting with the Superintendent Conference over these next two weeks, focus on what we must do to improve our fulfillment excellence – all home safe and healthy, proud of our craftsmanship, improving our skillsets, respected as professionals. Daily discipline leading to excellence is the foundation of our growth.

- APM President, Jake Locklear