Brand Update - We are APM!


Each of the legacy brands that make up our total company portfolio have a heritage comprised of highly skilled, hardworking individuals who achieved a proud reputation in the market. They paved the way for the path we now find ourselves on. They served our customers and established sound rapport. This is our common unifying brand – the craftspeople – men and women who work with honor and have acquired upmost respect in our industry.

Our goal today and beyond is to unify the extraordinary people across our company, making it easier for customers across the industry to access our team of experts. The brands were strong alone, but they are infinitely stronger together. After months of partnership and preparation from each business, we are excited to announce that we will move forward as one, united brand – APM – to further establish ourselves as the best choice for organized craft labor solutions in the power industry. Together, we are stronger and more resilient, diverse, and flexible in our offerings, and united in our voice to our customers and shareholder.

Watch this video to hear more about who we are, what we do, and how we do it as APM.

As one, we have the power to drive our business forward to new levels of growth, remaining focused on our core values of Safety, Quality, and Integrity. We are proud of our rich heritage and excited for the future.

Our APM Brand Concepts include:

APM Logos: The new APM logo and division specific logos can be downloaded for use from this Box folder. The legacy blue APM triangle remains the same but is accompanied by a symbolic update to the swirls, now red to reflect the inclusion of boiler. We expect these logos will be used for all newly created files and/or ordered materials effective immediately.
APM Brand Guide: The new APM Brand Guide can be downloaded for use from this Box folder. Please familiarize yourself with this document, which establishes the brand identity, approved use of brand concepts, and expectations for all employees to appropriately represent the APM brand in communications. For your convenience, templates have been created and can be downloaded for use from this Box folder. We expect that all employees will use the guidance in the document effective immediately.
APM Brochure: The new APM Brochure can be downloaded for use from this Box folder. Please familiarize yourself with our collective identity and service solutions. This document is intended to serve as a learning tool for you and our customers to understand our total solutions. Limited copies will be available for pickup during the 2018 August Superintendent Conference in the New Branding room. For bulk copies of the brochure, please contact

We understand there are many instances of the legacy brands in place throughout documents, websites, paper files, and physical materials. The full transition to the new logo and branding concepts will take time and reinvestment. We ask for your partnership in beginning the transition with items that can be easily updated or modified, and we will work toward full transition over the next several months. Stay tuned for additional communications regarding brand improvements.

Thank you for being a valuable advocate of the APM brand!

- APM President, Jake Locklear