Our Blueprint - Data

This week I recruited the help of Julie Doyle, our Field Services COE Director, to provide insight to how we achieve our Strategic Goal of DATA. This DATA strategy includes the continued build out of AirTime, the use of dashboards to gauge excellence, and the use of data to influence behavior change. Julie paints an exciting picture below of how this strategy can help our field leaders and teams execute with excellence.

I love to fish. I like the challenge of it all. We live by the Bay so we tend to fish there often.I have my favorite spots marked on my navigation; I know how far to stay from the bulkhead and I can tell you where the sand bars are… a story for another time. I pay special attention to the weather and wind reports. So, you could say I know Trinity Bay pretty well.  I look forward to striking up conversations with other fish lovers when we put the boat in or pull the boat out. I’m always amazed at new data and new findings they have about the Bay that I was unaware of. Over the years I have learned that no matter how well I think I know something, there is always new information data can shine light on. In this case, I always hope it’s more fish.

If we think about data in relation to job sites, I am a firm believer that the more information we can present to you about a site, the more informed decisions you can make. It’s quite simple, though sometimes a bit tricky to present. We always want your feedback about the data we present - is it relevant, does it make sense, can it help you make better decisions?

We are looking to give our Airtime dashboard a new look. We hope the data we have collected from all your input, combined with the data we have behind the scenes, gives you a tool you can rely on and will become dependent on checking often. 

Here’s an example of Site Data you could review when you are assigned a job in Airtime. I hope this information will help you better prepare for your job.

Under Dashboards – select Overview-sites

In the search field on the right – you can scroll down to select, or start typing the Job Number or the Site Name.This search feature works just as your other search features throughout Airtime.

The Site Data highlighted/selected will be the data shown in columns 1 & 2

As you can see, there are 149 SER’s for Union Power Station and 257 Job Logs.

Click on the SER, Job Log or Overall Crew Ratings for more detailed information

Add to this history around things like SER’s, Job Logs, Employee Ratings, Customer Feedback and I’m hopeful you will find some new nuggets of data that can help you execute your next job. No doubt you are the experts in the field, but with some informative tools, our goal is to arm you with everything we have to help you to be First, SAFE and Second, Successful.

Thank you Julie. I am confident about our DATA vision and strategy in your capable hands.

- APM President, Jake Locklear