A Team of Leaders at Plant Daniel

Leading ourselves, our peers, and others is often enigmatic, usually chaotic, and seldom easy.  But our APCom team made easy work of leading a job for Mississippi Power, Plant Daniel, and coaching others that were onsite.  Plant Daniel is located in Moss Point, Mississippi and claims to be the largest generator of electric power in the state of Mississippi.  Ten (10) APCom employees were led by APCom Superintendent, Byron Davis, and together they completed 2,600 manhours to perform pulverizer maintenance, working on all five mills to replace journal, classifiers, and seals. This winning team safely completed the work with no safety issues, led daily tailboard and STA meetings that were attended by the crews, even though the majority of the team’s experience and knowledge was limited.  Coaching can be rewarding to a crew that is eager to learn, but additional time was required to define task hazards and perform the work while the crew learned, hands-on.  The customer was involved and partnered daily with the team during execution.  This team was clearly making their way into the hearts of the customer as additional scope worked into the schedule.  Daily coordination with other contractors onsite was required and Safety, Quality and Schedule were the highlights of this project by everyone involved.  When a project that has many learning curves, is still completed one week early and on budget, it speaks volumes to dedication, commitments, and leadership.  We thank Byron Davis for his excellent coaching and mentoring skills, and for this team that aced this outage.  There are many characteristics that make people successful individual contributors to a team.  The customer recognized the leadership on this project, and because of the distinct relationships and results, they were completely satisfied with the work performed by this team of leaders.