Customer satisfaction reflects the expectations and experiences that a customer has of services needed, of those performing the services, and the quality of the services.  When a customer reports that this was a “great and fantastic job”, we know their expectations were met, the experience was supreme, and the customer was more than satisfied.  Our APM Fossil North team received these honorable acclaims after the services they delivered at Talen Energy – Dartmouth Power Plant in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  There were many contributors from different businesses that came together and delivered successful services and solutions to the customer.  The team executed the job during the Non- GE, Vax Steam Turbine outage which was a complicated Ooem outage with significant risk.  The unit was returned to service without incident just as expected, and to everyone’s delight.  All involved should be very proud of their accomplishments on this project.  APM Superintendent Michael Lindo led the dayshift, Henry Desroches led the nightshift disassembly, and Chris Bacon led the nightshift reassembly.  Each Superintendent had a crew of ten Keymen and Millwrights from LU1121.  These guys led their teams to a safe and efficacious outage.  Zero safety incidents take a lot of effort to accomplish and speaks volumes to each employee on site, as well as the customer.  These efforts do not go unnoticed.  Thanks to all the guys and gals that kept this outage moving forward and delivered a satisfying and positive experience for the customer.