What is the secret to a great project?  It’s a group of people that are focused on a specific project, with specific goals and expectations, to ensure that they succeed together.  When the team is efficient, their efforts can enhance everything - methods, standards, processes and overall effectiveness.  APM Fossil North and APM Rigging proved just that during an outage at MATEP, which is a total energy facility and micro-grid located in Boston, Massachusetts.  The facility has served the Longwood Medical and Academic Area (LMA) with steam, chilled water and electricity for almost 30 years.  According to their website, MATEP is integral to the city's energy infrastructure, providing efficient, sustainable, reliable and resilient energy to a select group of prestigious clinical, research and teaching institutions.  These institutions, which include five hospitals affiliated with the Harvard Institutes of Medicine, provide care to more than 100,000 inpatients and 2.4 million outpatients each year as well as critical research initiatives. 

Our APM teams work very well and efficiently together, but when others recognize and appreciate the effort that goes into successes and the vital roles our teams play, it is icing on the cake.  The team did a lot of preplanning for this outage, that was completed without any safety or quality issues.  The past experiences at this site were utilized by everyone in what worked well, what to do again, and what to do differently to continuously improve.  The project started March 22nd and finished up on May 20th, and the work scope included removing the Unit 2 generator field, performed a steam turbine major inspection, and cleaned all generator coolers.  Our APM Superintendents were Mike Auger – Dayshift, Jon Barlow – Nightshift, and Fletcher Denver – Dayshift Keyman.  They were accompanied by Keymen Nikolai Gutwaks, Robert Slicklen, Chris Kaldro, and the great Millwrights from LU 1121. The APM Riggers did impressive work and provided valuable input on how to setup the generator for the rewind.  The decision to jack up the stator 3 feet to allow easier access proved to be well worth the effort.  The rewind seemed to go almost perfect and any parts issues that arose, were worked through without delay.  Everyone here did a tremendous and outstanding job.  Many thanks to all involved and congratulations.  This team took the project seriously and had their own goals and expectations to accomplish.  And they did it very well.