The Keys to Excellence

Because of our professionals, each job our Company completes, no matter how broad in its work scope, is completed with the utmost attention to safety, detail, and timeliness. By completing jobs with these key focus points in mind, our crews earn our Company its reputation for stellar customer service. This standard was once again upheld by an APM Nuclear team at First Energy Corporation’s Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Oak Harbor, Ohio. Once the team arrived on site, they had a substantial amount of maintenance work to accomplish. The job scope included 13 separate evaluations, inspections, and battery of tests for other machinery. Along with success and timeliness, the team completed the job with absolutely no errors in safety protocol or human performance. The Customer congratulated the team on this commendable feat, and looked forward to the next time they would have the opportunity to work with the crew again. Congratulations to Brandon Davidson and Harry Sowards for receiving Star Performance awards from the Customer for their keen observations.  Superintendent, Jeff Henderson, General Foreman, Jeff Mick, and Foreman, Harry Sowards, led the team and completed the project with the key focuses as part of their every task. We would like to thank everyone who supported the work at this site.  Your hard work and attention to detail were recognized and appreciated.  Successes like these remind us how brilliantly we can shine in the face of a challenge.