ATTENTION: The Pasadena Campus will be CLOSED tomorrow, Friday, August 25 due to Hurricane Harvey


Thursday, August 24, 2017 4:30 PM CST

Attention All Employees:

The APM + APCom Disaster Recovery Team has initiated the Disaster Recovery Plan.  The APM + APCom Pasadena Corporate Campus is currently closed due to Hurricane Harvey.  Our other area offices throughout the US and Canada remain open.  If you have an emergency, please contact Regional Leadership for assistance.  If you need support from a Corporate function, there may be a delay in response.  We will advise when the Pasadena Corporate Campus has reopened and returned to normal operation.

According to the most recent advisory, the storm track for the next two days has narrowed and shifted a little further south.  The hurricane warning area has also shifted further south, with Houston under a Tropical Storm warning.  The computer models are converging, which is good news because they are all showing a track that is a little more to the south than previous.  Wind intensity guidance keeps creeping up, which is bad news for whatever area takes a direct hit by the center of the storm. 

Pasadena employees should plan to work from home Friday, 8/25, and until further notice.  Please stay in contact with your manager to advise them of any needs or concerns.  You should update outgoing voice messages and email out of office responses immediately to notify employees and other contacts that the Disaster Recovery Plan has been initiated due to severe weather conditions and a delay in response should be expected.

Please continue to stay tuned to local forecasts and heed any advice given to prepare and safeguard your home and families.  Electricity, gasoline, groceries and even school and daycare services may also be temporarily interrupted for several days, but our prayer is that everyone remains safe.  We hope we can continue our normal business operations next week after the storm has dissipated.  We have posted notices on and OutageBuzz social media, and will continue to post notices and send email updates until normal operations are resumed.