ATTENTION: The Pasadena Campus are CLOSED Until Further Notice Due to Hurricane Harvey


Friday, August 25, 2017 11:30 AM CST

Attention All Employees:

The APM + APCom Disaster Recovery Plan remains in effect until further notice. The APM + APCom Corporate Offices are closed until further notice due to Hurricane Harvey.  All Pasadena personnel will be working remotely.  Please contact Regional Leadership for assistance.  If you need support from a Corporate function, there may be a delay in response.  We are posting notices on and OutageBuzz social media, and have updated our main phone number voice message for the duration of this storm.  The Disaster Recovery Team will be meeting periodically throughout the weekend and into next week, and we will keep you informed and advise when the Pasadena Corporate Campus has reopened and returned to normal operation. 

We urge you to stay tuned into local and national weather advisories to stay aware of any changes to the storm track. Now is the time to make personal preparations for yourself and your families.

As a reminder, please stay in contact with your manager to advise them of any needs or concerns.  You should update outgoing voicemail messages and email out of office responses immediately to notify employees and other contacts that the Disaster Recovery Plan has been initiated due to severe weather conditions and a delay in response should be expected.

Stay safe!