Issues that arise suddenly require immediate and diligent attention to ensure that they don’t escalate into wider system failures. Leading these efforts requires a skilled group of craftsmen to work effectively as a professional team, ensuring that repair work is executed with the utmost efficiency and attention to detail. A team from APM Fossil West answered the call to a critical problem. The team traveled to Springfield, Missouri to address a compressor failure at the James River Power Station. The team swiftly arrived within three days’ notice of the failure. The team was commended for their attention to the Customer’s needs and questions during their presence on site. Over the course of the job, the site had to be mobilized and demobilized three times.  Following completion of the repair, the team took an opportunity to reflect on the collaborative efforts of craftsmen from across the country that made this success possible. Millwrights came from Missouri, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington to assist in this critical task. Because work was done for this job on days only, team members had to return to the job site from out of state multiple times. APM would like to thank all those involved with this effort.  The APM crew was led by Superintendents James Parrish, Brian Henry, and Robert Lewis. This success would not have been possible without careful collaboration and eagerness to make the customer’s experience their focus. Thank you for all you do, every day.