APM Teams with the Pro E - Outage Tooling Team at GTOS

Andy Fisher recently shared a Colab post about the GTOS Validation of Rotor Lifting Spreader Beam.  Read Andy’s Colab post here:  Read Post

APM was honored to have one of our Superintendents, Jack McKay, III, and his crew to take part in this test.  They reported this new beam worked very well, was much easier to use, could be broken down and moved with a Fork Truck, among other favorable comments.  Jack was very impressed with it and shared his thoughts in his weekly report:

“This week myself and three key men arrived in Greenville, SC to take part lifting a 7FA rotor using a new modular lifting beam. When we arrived the unit was mostly disassembled. We removed the inlet plenum, turbine compartment roofs, and all FWD walls. We removed the U/H of T1 and T2, rigged and removed the CDC. Next we assembled the beam using the crane, which goes together very easily. Rigged and removed the rotor, we removed STG 14, 15, and 16 stators due to them causing a rub when they previously tried to roll the rotor. Set the rotor back in the machine. We reinstalled the UH bearings as well as the CDC, compressor case and exhaust shell. All in all, the trip went very well, it was nice to see what they are working on now, and what is coming in the future. We also toured the facility which was very interesting to see how the components that we handle in the field are actually made, assembled and shipped. Everyone had a great time and look forward to returning at some point.”

How exciting for this crew to be included in such a milestone.  APM in constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make their field employee’s tasks more streamlined and in the forefront. APM is lucky to have employees that embrace change and are enthusiastic to be a part of trial tests and look forward to seeing these new and improved tools in their everyday jobs.  Congratulations to all on great results during this successful test lift.