APM Fossil South Shines in the Sunshine State

Our APM Fossil South team recently performed a job at Florida Power & Light Company - Fort Myers Power Plant in Florida.  The team worked to make this project a complete success.  The customer sent a performance review survey of the outage and the work our team did. In the review the customer praises our team’s outstanding dedication to safety and their ability to persevere through adversity, giving an NPS overall rating of 9 out of 10 and elaborated with very favorable comments: 

“I would recommend GE services to others; GE has done a great job on keeping all the parts required for the .05 projects either on site or here in a timely manner. We had very minor issues related to parts. The crews have been working in a safe manner and are very willing to any noted corrections.

GE fulfilled the safety requirements on this .05 project and continues the work with us to make improvements as needed. As with all CT projects we have had some scheduling and milestone differences but we have been able to continue to work it out and move forward, we continue to either make or beat or schedule. GE will listen and try to accommodate our request. These are very large projects and I feel GE really tries to accommodate our needs and requests very well, thank you.”

Great work team!  Keep reaching for excellence and delivering solutions to our customer. This review is a testament to our company’s dedication to safety and quality. It’s safe to say that this review from Florida Power & Light is truly shining.