APM Canada Sets New Standard of Excellence!

APM Canada set a new standard of excellence at Imperial Oil’s Nabiye Project near Cold Lake, Alberta.  The customer recently completed an NPS of the work our craft performed during December, 2015. The crew received a score of 9, which marks a new high score for us in this area.  Our teams performed with expertise and quality during the project.  The comments on the report are very complimentary and paint a complete picture of the project.

“Commitment to change of schedule, and execution went without a hitch. High quality of workmanship. Tooling is specialized and requires highly skilled people to run tools.

Job was planned adequately to avoid delays and execution had no delays.”

Ben Jonas, APM Canada Fossil Services Region Director also had compliments to the team and had this to say about the great review.

“This is only an NPS of 9 but it is with IOL/Exxon and on their sites in western Canada we have never received higher than a 7 and even strong performances have been graded around the 5 area and lower!! We are working on this relationship and putting a huge effort into planning for a MI on the Mahkeses site in spring 2016. For me this is validation that we are on the right track.”

Congratulations on this milestone team! With continued dedication and striving for great scores in safety and quality, our score will continue to set new standards in excellence.  You are what make APM Work and we salute your efforts.