APM Nuclear Team Owns The Turbine Deck

APM Nuclear recently completed a project at Exelon - Limerick Generating Station in Pennsylvania and owned the turbine deck.  They left the customer very satisfied with the project.  We have great teams here at APM and the outcome of this project proves our attention to detail.

 George Youssef, Customer Service Leader for GE Power’s Power Services - America, expressed his sincere gratitude to our team for their efforts on this project. Besides the work of the entire crew, George recognized a few members of the APM team for their outstanding performance on the site.

 “(I) just want to send this note to express my gratitude and appreciate the hard work by the APM team in supporting our Customer forced outage earlier in the month.

 Limerick is the flag ship for Exelon fleet because its location in the Philly area, so having a forced outage always brings a little added challenge to the outage. The APM team rallied around the challenge and supported the site and I am pleased to share that the outage concluded with ZERO Safety Incidents and flawless startup and a very satisfied customer!!!

 Please allow me to highlight the team:

 Bettina Lumzy – We can’t have an outage without her. She knows how to support the site team and work with the customer personnel to ensure the team is setup for success. She does a lot in the background that sure looks easy but I know the challenge she faces to get her tasks accomplished

 Tim Pianka – I can’t count how many times we call Tim the night before for a start the next day. He is a true leader who is committed to his guys and the outage

 Ron Kerley – It is a long ride from Michigan but Ron took the helm of the night team and got them across the line.

 Marc Campo & Chris Jones – Both guys were on the phone non-stop for 3 days ensuring all 60 personnel requested by the customer are assigned and at site on schedule. They ensure the team is staffed with the right talent and are familiar not just with nuclear customers but Exelon sites specifically.

 This performance is not new to these guys but I am always thankful to their hard work and dedication”

  Dave Begley from GE Executive Services also sent praises for this successful project commenting:

 “Great job team! Limerick is a critical asset for Exelon so having to take it down mid-cycle is painful for the customer. Thanks for all your focus in executing the work safely and with quality and getting Exelon back up and running quickly.”

 Jake Locklear, APM President CEO responded and commended this team on their performance:


 What an awesome note to read as we close out the year. ZERO safety incidents, quality craftsmanship, flawless startup, and a satisfied GE customer and Exelon customer. World class performance! Thank you!”

 The entire team worked together to exceed the customer’s expectations.  Paying attention to the details and being conscience of every moment on the deck made this project successful on so many different levels.  Working together enforced that the team effort makes a huge difference. Our APM employees know how to deliver outstanding results.