APM Nuclear Completes 130K Manhours With ZERO Recordables

We would like to congratulate APM Nuclear for completing 130,000 manhours at DC Cook.  Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant is a nuclear power plant located just north of the city of Bridgman, Michigan “Executing so many manhours with ZERO recordable injuries (only 1 First Aid) is worthy of celebration. Just as important, if not more important, is the tripling of reporting STOP, Good Catches, and Near Misses,” praised Jake Locklear, APM + APCom President CEO. 

The work scope was a full turbine retro fit, including all new turbine rotors (HP and LP’s), inner casings, blade carriers, and an extensive amount of steam piping and modifications.  Even though there were many difficult obstacles during the project that our Superintendents and craft employees had to overcome, in the end everyone succeeded.  There were 240 APM employees on site, running in two shifts.  Eric Finch, Ron Kerley, Frank McKnight and Terry Jennings were the APM Mechanical Superintendents.  Kevin Marich and Brian Peters were the APM Piping Superintendents, and James Ray and Mike Wright were the APM Specialty Services Superintendents overseeing all of the welding for the project.  Tyler Lewis and Molly Kuba were the Field Accountants on site keeping track of payroll as well as overseeing all of site in-processing, which was a major job for just two individuals, but they both did a fantastic job.  Everyone joined together to complete this project safely and they did it without a single scratch on an employee, delivering a stellar performance by the team. 

The plant plans on rolling the turbine on Dec 21st and synching to the grid on Dec 23rd and in preparation they want an APM Superintendent and five millwrights on hand for the startup. The HP structure was taken down without any problems and our APM Superintendent, Eric Finch, did the final walk down and reported everything looks great and the machine was getting painted.

It takes a lot of dedicated and determined people to achieve such great results.  We are proud to honor the valuable contributions of each member of this team and we congratulate all who worked the DC Cook project.  We are fortunate to have you on our team!