New Installation in Pennsylvania

A new natural gas power plant is under construction in Berwick, Pennsylvania.  The power plant, Caithness Moxie Freedom, will be fueled by only clean-burning natural gas, and will not require river water or any other large source of water typically used for cooling needs, according to Moxie’s website (  The plant will house two combustion turbine generators that will each produce up to approximately 325 megawatts of electricity.  The combustion turbines will be connected to two heat recovery steam generators where the hot exhaust gases from the combustion turbines will produce steam that will be directed to two steam turbines.  The steam turbines will produce up to an additional 200 MW of electricity.

How exciting that APM Fossil North have teams working at this new plant!  Our teams are installing a brand-new GE H84 hydrogen cooled generator that will be bolted in a single shaft combined cycle configuration to a brand-new design GE A650 steam turbine, and a GE 7HA.02 gas turbine.  This is one of the first being built in US and a first in the North Region.  The generator (pictured below) weighs 500 tons which if you are doing the math, equates out to one million pounds.  The average Boeing 747 weighs 600,000 lbs.  

Our APM team on site is being led by Superintendent John Stalling, along with our crew of Superintendents, Paul Colloca, Roger Yerdon, Mitch Yerdon, Keymen Scott “Smoky” Dominy, Chris Kaldro, Scott Cole, Local Union 2237 Millwright Journeyman Bradley Perrin and Millwright Apprentice Andrew Smith.