When you need a crew that practices safety as their top priority, APM delivers.  APM recently serviced the Dynegy Edwards Power Station in Burtonsville, Illinois. The APM Superintendent on site was Roger Jones and the GSSI Safety Specialist was Robert Morris. During the project, Todd Candler, Global Customer Strategic Alignment Manager with GE Power Services, visited the jobsite and applauded the team’s performance by writing:

“The APM crew and the site safety specialists are doing a terrific job! The site was very well organized with a very small (confined) lay down area. We reviewed probably a dozen STAs and not only were they complete on the front side, but almost all had at least a paragraph on the back side describing the hazards and mitigation. We performed a hazard hunt mainly looking for trip hazards and walking surfaces. We had a few minor findings, but we had to look really hard. I also met with the customer and he had nothing but good things to say about your crew and the safety culture that they have instilled in this outage. The site crew and the onsite leadership get it and are living the no harm philosophy.”

Great work, team! Your continued effort and dedication has shined through once more. Thank you for setting high standards for safety, quality and getting the job done right the first time.